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OUR OFFERINGS at Revenue Puzzle

post COVID-19 change strategy


  • We can assist with your recovery planning and strategy.

  • We can examine your forward booking trends, comp set movements and customer behaviour changes to advise a revised strategic plan

  • We assist in setting up revised tracking segments

  • We can review your current distribution set up and ensure it suits the new customer journey expectations

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Interim Revenue Management


  • We can over anything from Holidays coming up, maternity cover or just laying the foundations

  • You may require interim management to bridge a gap during a recruitment phase - whatever support you require; we can tailor-make our service offering to suit you

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Flexible day to day or weekly revenue management


  • We can connect and touch base daily or weekly for a few hours to ensure all is set up to maximise incoming revenues.

  • We can ensure that pricing & connectivity are correct and active, recommend strategies, analyse the upcoming trend and connect with providers about any changes or promotions on their end.  

  • We will be your revenue management eyes & ears for your hotel.

  • We can set up daily/ weekly/ monthly pace & pick up reporting as well as monthly revenue packs

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SWOT/ comp set analysis and action plan

  • would you like to ensure that you are still a key player in the most appropriate competitor set? We provide an audit and recommendations to ensure you are competing and measuring yourself to the real competition.

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SWOT/ comp set analysis and action plan

  • you have a task needing done but no staff? We can organise and project management based on your requirements

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SWOT/ comp set analysis and action plan

  • we have knowledge in two of the main PMS’ had have partners in others and know how they should look to work in your favour. Let us do a detailed audit to ensure all is optimised.

  • ​are you thinking of changing your booking engine, CRM systems, GDS provider, PMS etc and need a planning or execution hand? We have done several systems installs or changes so we know what is needed.

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Distribution evaluation and assistance

  • connectivity is crucial but with tons of extranets and selling sources it can be a jungle. We can help to ensure that you are appearing where you want to and that it is effective and revenue-generating for you

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Revenue Management Training

Upskill the team – Have you got a star in your team with passion for revenue management but not the complete knowledge yet? We are completely flexible in what we do, and can tailor make any aspects of our revenue management services to suit your needs, which means that you benefit from our costs effective approach to hotel revenue management.

Front Desk Training – With years under our belt in Front office we know that a shortfall in day to day processes or lack of knowledge in key areas of a hotel can lead to revenue losses and missed opportunities.  We can inspire your team and bring the passion out to ensure all revenue generating opportunities. We can train q team or 1-1 basis. We also can create or review SOP’s to ensure the roadmap to success is there.

Reservations Training – We also have years of experience there. We understand the teams can be busy and quickly revenue opportunities can be lost but we know how to capture them. We know reservations is the first touch point of a future guest and should showcase excellence.

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Full Revenue Management Audit

SWOT analysis – would you like to ensure that you are still a key player in the most appropriate competitor set? We provide an audit and recommendations to ensure you are competing and measuring yourself to the real competition.


Full Revenue and Distribution Audit – this involves a thorough assessment of your current revenue management practices, processes & systems. There will be an impartial and in-depth report with a detailed review of the performance of your property within it’s’ marketplace, with recommendations to leverage all revenue and profit opportunities.

Included in the full Audit will be an analysis of the following areas:

• Evaluation of the overall revenue strategy
• Market share performance
• Competitor analysis
• Price positioning and structure
• Business mix management
• Channel analysis and optimisation
• Distribution strategy and assessment of the hotels web-site performance
• In house procedures, policies and forecasting methodologies
• Technology
• Revenue team dynamics and on property sales approach

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