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Introducing BenchDirect from The Hotels Network

Be the first to benchmark your hotel's direct booking channel - absolutely FREE!

BenchDirect is one-of-a kind benchmarking and has a network of hotels that learn from each other. BenchDirect helps your hotels to identify where you are under or over-performing specifically within your direct channel compared to the market not only from the perspective of price or occupancy.

BenchDirect brings you comparative data that changes the rules of the game. Uncover opportunities to grow your bookings, spot weak points where you are loosing revenue, get up to speed with your competitors and get access to the type of hotel data only OTAs have had access to until now.

BenchDirect is part of The Network Effect by learning and recognising user behaviour by observing hundreds of millions of users across their network of hotels and as this data is unique as it understands behaviour independently of how a website is build or what technology it uses.

So let's look at how BenchDirect analyses and compares:

  • Website and booking engine traffic → Visitors, searches, conversion, rate

  • Bookings and pickup → ABV, BAR, Occ, RevDirect, length of stay, lead-time

  • Future Demand → Searches distribution on stay dates

  • Rates & disparity → Frequency and amount of disparities by OTA

  • User profile and behaviour → By device, country, source and more...

Hotels traditionally look at the final picture of occupancy and ADR but it's important to also look at who's coming, who's searching, and everything they do before they booking (or don't) and learn from each other. The Hotels Network introduced 2 new acronyms for the never ending list of short words in revenue management - DirectBookingIndex and RevDirect.

DirectBookingIndex is a score that assesses an effective direct channel strategy which tracks the hotels global performance vs the market.

RevDirect is a brand new metric measuring direct channel revenue per available room and it analyzes one of the industries core KPI's now centered on the hotels direct channel.

The platform has more than 30 different drill down metrics through a very interactive dashboard so hotels can find the data they need to determine their direct booking strategy.

The BenchDirect platform allows you to analyse the full booking funnel and formulate an action plan based on

  • Website Traffic

  • User to Searcher

  • Future demand and Revenue metrics

  • BE conversion and Booking metrics

So a summary of some of the highlights about the platform:

  • It is free to use and free to cancel at any time

  • THN have over 7,000 hotels on the platform and that number is growing daily.

  • The platform covers the full booking funnel and complements the occupancy & ADR data you have with STR or OTA Insight, for example

  • The data is anonymized so no specific hotel can look at another specific hotel's data, it's always an average of a minimum of 10.

  • BenchDirect provides a visual journey of your hotel's direct channel performance, not just a static photo of rates and occupancy. It covers the full stack of building blocks involved in an effective direct channel strategy.

If this raised your interest contact me now. I am having a great relationship with the team at The Hotels Network and access to the platform is free. I can analyse your current direct booking data for you and share a template for ongoing analysation. Book a 2hour consultation slot for €100.

Tel +353 87 742 6666

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