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Join my 2 smallies and myself to raise awareness for Pieta House

Pieta House "Darkness Into Light Challenge"

Who says 5.30am is too early? Well you haven't met my kids which will be bright and bushy tailed by then as they are early risers.

We started joining the annual event when my son joined me for the walk at Fairyhouse Race Course. This year my daughter decided she wants to join us. So we are now busy planning a local route which covers the 5km we want to walk.

On the morning of the 8th May 2021 we will proudly put on our T-shirts and have them shine bright in support of Pieta House.

Darkness into Light started in 2009 in Phoenix Park and has become global since 2012.

Pieta was established to provide free, accessible one-to-one counselling to people suffering from suicidal ideation, engaging in self-harm or to those bereaved by suicide.

In 2020, despite the impact of Covid 19, they proudly delivered over 52,000 hours of suicide intervention and bereavement counselling.

There is still time to join us and raise awareness whilst doing something good for your own health.

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