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Staycation - have you planned yours yet?

If you haven't seen Discover Irelands latest video I urge you to do so and start planning

What the Irish Hotels, Restaurants and attractions now need most is our support. Have you thought of exploring Dublin as a local, did you plan on seeing the beach sipping a cooled glass of vino on a terrace after lockdown or wanted to go for a long long walk and turn in for a relaxing coffee close by? Fear not - you can do all that on your door step.

Failte Ireland also did a fantastic video in February and whilst some thing shave slowed down it still shows how stunning Ireland is - indoor and OUTDOOR!

I myself plan on going down to Kinsale in October but until then we will explore whats on our door steps.

On the weekend we booked the Zoo with the kids. Yes we have been numerous times but I have to say I was amazed. It was so well organised and so quite we experienced the animals like never before. It almost felt that we had the whole zoo to ourselves. The animals got so used to the calmness the past few month that they started to use their whole areas to roam around rather than being in the back. We have never seen the animals as close as that weekend - we almost could touch the giraffes, we saw the baby gorillas with daddy gorilla beating his chest and the lion & his lady were lying around and relaxed for us to watch.

Next stop will be the Ice Cream trail in Causey farm and Tayto Park. Where will you go next?

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