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Swap Ideas Day - 10th September

Best results are reached through communication, discussion and arguments.

Today is Swap Ideas Day. Each year on September 10th we are are being encouraged to share our ideas with others, whether they are innovative, clever, creative or funny.

Sharing is good. Ideas are a good thing, too. Putting the two together should produce a real winner of a day, eh!?

The gist of National Swap Ideas Day truly is exactly as one would logically assume: to encourage the sharing and trading of creative or helpful ideas with others. Kind of like a brain swap meet. Oh, I see the connection!

Bringing together groups of people with common goals but varying skill sets and/or knowledge levels to exchange thoughts and ideas, bounce them off each other and perhaps walk away having gained new knowledge, eureka! solutions or even brand new ideas leading to infinite

possibilities ranging from general inspiration to the creation

of new products or technology.

Sounds awesome! Or sounds like every other day at the office. Depends on who you are, I guess

"All Ideas Grow out of other Ideas"
Anish Kapoor

We are supposed to remember how inspiring it is to lean about other ideas, and how interesting it is to discuss, question and expanding our own.

Good team work is characterised by a strong idea sharing process.

People who share own ideas and at the same time engage with others’, show they are truly interested in obtaining the best possible result.

So how will you spend the "Swap an Idea" Day?

We are offering a free 30minutes fact finding session to see what your needs are and how we can assist.

Tel +353 87 742 6666

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